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Anne was born and raised in Northern Quebec.  She has lived in Canada and England and is now residing in Roslin Ontario.

With an initial background of technical drawing working in different mining departments, she moved to Oakville in 1988 and attached herself to Joshua Creek Studio to learn the watercolour etching process. Each monotype is an intriguing hybrid of printmaking that consists of a single, original image developed on a flat plate utilising watercolours and transferred to paper using an etching press.

Anne opened her first studio in Roslin, in 2000, renovating an adjacent old horse barn beside a Victorian brick home.  A&MC Studio is now a working studio where Anne finds her inspiration and sometimes exhibits some of her etchings monotypes on paper, fabric, card, books and other delightful objects of art-love.  Her new studio is soon opening in a new location: keep in touch!

She studied piano in Toronto with Claire Hoeffler (a Julliard graduate) where she obtained an ARCT in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. She has also studied voice with Narelle Martinez (Il Teatro alla Scala, Milan) in Toronto. Anne teaches piano, plays the organ and is a choir director at St John’s United Church in Tweed.

She studied at Queen's University where she obtained a BA in Art History.  Her experience in teaching art in primary and secondary schools infuses her workshops with a realistic approach to the learning curves of students.  Her adult workshops are challenging and help develop the "right side" of the brain.

She often mixes music and art in amusing workshops and you can see many reflection of her love of music in her dynamic lines and in her painting compositions.

She has two gifted sons musicians, Matthew and Pierre, a talented daughter-in-law Rachel and the new addition: Francis Romeo Cook, her grand-child was born on June 26th 2010.

Her two friendly cats Pepper and Zigzag are always welcoming everyone at her door!

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